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Recovering from the physical injury and emotional trauma of a car accident is never easy. As you navigate the immediate aftermath of this devastating event, obtaining your accident report may help you lay the foundation for your pursuit of justice.

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    You will need to know where to obtain your police report, and this will be based on which police department responded to the crash. You can request your accident report from the Georgia State Patrol at the nearest Troop and Post location. The Atlanta Police Department’s accident reports can be obtained from the appropriate APD Zone. You may also be able to access the report online using the Georgia Uniform Motor Vehicle Crash Report.

    A comprehensive accident report is a vital element of your injury claim, but there are steps you can take to bolster your case even if no police officer responds to your accident. Collecting evidence is essential. If you are able to take photos of the damage, get witness statements and contact information, and record the details of the scene, this evidence can be immensely helpful in building a strong case.

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    Our mission is to make your healing process after an accident as seamless as possible. With unwavering dedication to justice, we guide our clients through the chaos as stalwart supporters of their recovery. Obtaining your accident report is a small but vital step toward our shared goal of winning your case.

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