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Injuries from Animal Attacks

Although rarely spoken about, dog bites and other forms of animal attacks occur quite often in Atlanta Georgia. If not handled well from the start, a dog bite, whether big or small can lead to fatal injuries or even grave tand. According to a 2016 study conducted at the Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta, there are 46 notorious dog breeds associated with all forms of attacks. They include pit bulls, cane corsos, and mastiffs, among many others. I can handle whichever animal attack claim you bring my way.

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Atlanta, Georgia Dog Bites

As the number of residents continues to increase in Atlanta, so do animals, especially dogs. Dogs are known as people’s reliable friends and most Atlanta residents prefer them as pets. While there is nothing wrong with this, it also increases the chances of dog bites and attacks in residential areas. As your dog bite lawyer, I will take charge of your dog bite claim to ensure you’re compensated.

Damages from Atlanta Dog Bites/Attacks

As many residential places in Atlanta become homes for thousands of dogs, there has also been a notable increase in dog-related attacks in most areas. Some of the reported incidents include those that induce bodily harm, attacks on children and adults, attacks resulting in fatalities, and those resulting in maiming. I take it upon myself as your dog bite attorney to help you and your loved one in the investigation process for appropriate claim recovery.

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I have handled numerous successful dog bite and animal attack claims in the past, so you can trust me to deliver. I ensure to exhaust all avenues to optimize your compensation.

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Rightful Compensation for Atlanta, Georgia Dog Attack

Sometimes, due to the after-dog bite confusion and pain, you might want to immediately seek an injury claim for yourself and/or your loved one. However, it’s best to work with an animal attack attorney, to avoid manipulation into accepting less your worth. Using my most trusted dog bite claim settlement negotiation strategies, I work to ensure you receive your rightful compensation.

Worry-free Dog Bite Compensation Process

I would be lying if I say your dog attack claim process will only take a few hours. Truth is, it takes days, and that needs a lot of patience and persistence. As your dog bite lawyer, I will work on the necessary documentation and attend the follow-up meetings, as you take time to recover. I spare you the chaos!

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I use my most trusted dog bite claim settlement negotiation strategies, to ensure you receive your rightful compensation.