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Although bikes only account for around 1% of the total road trips made in the US, bike accidents do occur. Most of them are as a result of careless vehicle drivers who miss cyclists on the streets. And because bicyclists mainly have only helmets to keep them safe, the injuries can be intense. I have a great understanding of the claim process for such kinds of occurrences, and will not hesitate to use my experience and resources to give you the right representation.

get compensated for damages and injuries caused by bike accidents.

Bike Accidents in Atlanta

Atlanta being a busy city accommodates all types of motorists and cyclists. CDC statistics indicate around 1000 bicyclists die out of the 130,000 emergency bicycle-related accidents reported yearly in the US. As your Atlanta, Georgia bike accident lawyer, I go through the evidence and come up with a strong case file for appropriate recovery compensation.

Damages for Bike Accidents Georgia

Like every other city, roads in Georgia are getting busier daily, hence increasing the risks of bike accidents. When they occur, such accidents lead to damages such as piled-up medical bills, emotional turmoil, property damages, and even lost income. I work with my able team to review your accident case and come up with the necessary steps to get you a deserved compensation.

Ensuring your safety when driving or otherwise get injured.
Receiving appropriate compensation for all your claims on the damages and injuries caused by your bike accident

Appropriate Compensation for Atlanta Bike Accidents

Since bike accidents can be fatal and complicated, it’s advisable to work with an experienced lawyer to guide you through the entire process. This way, you will avoid manipulation into accepting low reimbursement. I will examine the photos, interview the witnesses and check your medical reports to prove liability. Also, as your bike accident lawyer, I will contact the insurance company on your behalf.

Stress-free Bike Accident Compensation Process

The aftermath of bike accidents is usually nerve-wracking for the victim and their family. So, it’s better to avoid further stressors and focus on your much-needed rest. I take over the long claim process and the pressure that comes with it to give you a worthwhile legal representation. Just take a breather and let me handle the rest!

In my line of work, I very well understand that every bike accident is unique. I maximize on the years of legal representation experience under my belt to put forward case-winning strategies for your claim.

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Your Most-Trusted Georgia Bike Accident Attorney.

As your Atlanta, Georgia bike accident lawyer, I go through the evidence and come up with a strong case file for a favorable outcome.