Choosing the right personal injury lawyer can be complicated because there are so many factors to consider. Many people prioritize a lawyer’s experience, track record, education, and reviews, but there are other important elements. If you feel like you chose the wrong legal counsel, you may be wondering if you can switch attorneys in a personal injury case. Keep reading to get the answer to this question and more.

Are Clients Allowed to Change Attorneys?

If you’ve been unhappy with your legal representation, you may be asking yourself, “Can I switch attorneys in the middle of a case?” The short answer is yes. There is a process for this, so be prepared to complete a few steps before it’s official. You will need to sign a document that says you don’t want your current attorney to represent you anymore. Once you and the attorneys sign, the document is sent to the court and signed by the judge. Either you or your new lawyer will also need to request your file from your previous attorney.

Can I Switch Accident Attorneys?

Yes, an accident case is no different from any other case in this way. If you are unhappy with your attorney, you can switch to someone else. With that said, the timing is important. Many courts will provide some leniency and flexibility with continuances and rescheduling, but it’s best not to rely on this. If at all possible, change your counsel when there is still ample time to prepare for any upcoming hearings or settlement meetings.

There are many reasons why you may no longer be happy with your current lawyer. Some of the most common reasons people choose to switch attorneys are:

  • Lack of communication
  • Not enough experience with accident claims
  • Personalities clash
  • Dissatisfied with the level of representation
  • Your case doesn’t feel like a priority to your lawyer

If these or any other factors make you question your choice of attorney, looking for other options is okay. While Georgia’s Rules of Professional Conduct generally prohibit lawyers from speaking with a represented person about their case, that doesn’t include situations when that person is seeking advice. In other words, nothing is stopping you from having consultations with other attorneys if you’re considering switching counsel.

Caring and Attentive Accident Lawyers in Georgia

You deserve an accident attorney invested in your case and your recovery. The attorneys at Flanagan Law care about each of our clients, not just their legal cases. If you are dissatisfied with your current lawyer, schedule a free consultation today to discuss switching to our firm.

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