Imagine you are driving on a busy road when suddenly a truck slams into your car. Now you’re injured and your car is damaged. You can file a lawsuit against the truck driver, but how can you prove that he was at fault?

That’s where a dash cam comes in. A dash cam is a camera that you attach to your dashboard. It records everything that happens on the road. It gives you clear evidence of what happened and who is responsible. Most importantly, it can help you win your car accident case.

The Legal Perspective on Dash Cams in Georgia

Dash cams are legal in Georgia and all other states, but you have to follow some rules.

You can’t block your view with the dash cam. Dash cam footage can be very helpful in personal injury lawsuits. It can show who caused the accident and who broke the traffic laws. For example, if the truck driver ran a stop sign and hit you, the dash cam footage can prove it.

While dash cams offer numerous benefits, it’s also important to consider potential drawbacks.

Dash Cams Can Also Go Against You

Dash cams can be handy devices for drivers who want to record their trips and have evidence of potential crashes. But they also have a downside.

Dash cams can capture your own behavior, which may not always be good. For example, if you were driving too fast, not paying attention, or breaking any traffic laws, your dash cam footage could hurt your case or even get you in trouble.

In addition, dash cams come with technical requirements. Obviously, you need to understand how they work in order to use them as evidence.

Technical Aspects

Dash cams are easy to use. You just install them and they start recording when you turn on your car. But they have limited storage space. They can only record for about six hours. So you have to save the videos you need right away. Otherwise, they will be deleted.

The video quality is also important. If the video is blurry or blocked, it won’t help your case. You need to see what happened clearly. Before you rely on your dash cam, make sure the video quality is good and the camera’s view is clear.

Now, let’s look at some real-world examples where dash cams have been very helpful.

Real-World Scenarios Where Dash Cams Prove Useful

Dash cams can help you in many cases. For example, if someone crashes into your car and escapes, you can use the dash cam to get their license plate number. This is solid proof for the police and the court. Or if someone causes a crash by driving badly, you can use the dash cam to show how they were driving.

Saying this, you have to be careful with dash cam footage. Don’t change or edit it in any way. This ensures that the footage is reliable and can be accepted in legal proceedings.

Your Fight Is Our Fight

Dash cams are a great tool for car accident cases. They can show the truth and help you win. But even with video evidence, it’s difficult to navigate the legal system without a seasoned car accident attorney. Contact us today at Flanagan Law for expert legal advice and superior results.

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