If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Georgia, a settlement may be an option for you to get the financial damages you deserve while you recover from your injuries. A herniated disc from a car accident is not uncommon. In fact, car accidents are a common cause of spinal cord injuries. What might the settlement process look like in your herniated disc lawsuit?

When you are physically recovering from a significant injury involving the spine, it is understandable if you want to minimize the time it takes to recover compensation for your accident. Many accident victims choose to accept a settlement because it takes less time and energy than going through lengthy and stressful litigation.

Settlement Options in Georgia

For people with a herniated disc from a car accident, a settlement may seem like the ideal outcome for their accident case. It’s important that you understand what your options are in Georgia if you think you may want to pursue a settlement.

The insurance company of the at-fault driver may offer you a settlement amount but consider your circumstances carefully before accepting. It’s a good idea to consult with an attorney before making a decision on an insurer’s settlement offer.

Georgia Law and Car Accident Settlements

Georgia Code § 9-11-67.1 outlines numerous requirements for settlement offers in car accident cases. You will want to ensure any offer you receive from an insurance company adheres to these rules. One such provision is that offers must be in writing and contain the following:

  • How long you have to accept the offer
  • The amount being offered
  • Any records the insurer has that may allow you to review the offer
  • Which responsible party is released from liability once you accept the offer

There are numerous requirements that both the insurance company and the accident victim must meet in the settlement process. The insurer has a team of attorneys and adjusters working to protect their interests, and you deserve someone on your team who will advocate for you.

A Georgia car accident attorney can represent you in settlement negotiations and speak to the insurance company on your behalf. Another key component of the settlement process is having a clear understanding of what a fair settlement amount is. How do you know what a reasonable offer looks like?

Calculating the Value of Your Herniated Disc Injury

Numerous complex factors go into calculating the value of an injury settlement. Some of the most common elements are as follows:

  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical treatments
  • Missed work and lost wages
  • Property damage and replacement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability and disfigurement
  • Adaptive equipment

Your attorney can help you determine how your injury affected you in the past and present, as well as how it may impact your daily life in the future. These are all relevant aspects of calculating the value of your injury settlement.

What if You Cannot Reach a Settlement Agreement?

Despite your best efforts to negotiate with an insurance company regarding your herniated disc from a car accident, they may never offer an amount that is reasonable or fair. In these circumstances, litigation may be the only option for you to receive a just outcome.

Georgia Car Accident Attorney with Targeted Experience

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