After a car accident, the last thing you feel like doing is getting a police report. But a police report is more than just a paperwork requirement. It’s a document that shows what happened in the accident. It can help you with your case and your money. In this article, we’ll explore how to get a police report, because it can make a big difference for your claim.

Key Considerations When Obtaining a Police Report

When it comes to obtaining a police report after a car accident in Georgia, there are several key points to consider.

Public Record Access

These reports are generally considered public record and accessible to anyone. This open access brings transparency and accountability within governmental agencies, including law enforcement.

Privacy Considerations and Exceptions

Despite their public nature, there are instances where certain details or entire reports may be withheld. This is particularly relevant in cases involving minors, sensitive crimes, or active investigations to protect individual privacy.

Equal Access for Legal and Insurance Purposes

Both lawyers and insurance companies often request these reports for case assessments and legal processes. They obtain them under the same public record laws applicable to all citizens, ensuring equal access to this vital information.

How to Request a Police Report in Georgia

To successfully obtain a police report, it’s important to be prepared with specific information about the accident.

Where to Go

You can access the report from the local police department, the Georgia State Highway Patrol, or online at It shows who was involved, what happened, and if anyone broke the law. It can help you prove your claim and avoid any confusion.

Required Details

You may need to provide information such as the accident number, names of involved individuals, their birth dates, date of the collision, and their driver’s license number.

Fees for In-Person Collection

Expect to pay a nominal fee, typically between $5 to $15, when collecting the report directly from a law enforcement agency.

Online Report Purchase

You also have the option to buy the report online, which is usually priced affordably, often under $20

Time Frame

The time it takes to get the police report depends on how bad the accident was. Minor accidents may only require a few days, but major accidents could take more than two weeks.

What to Do If a Police Officer Was Not Present?

If no police came to the accident, you may not get an official report. This can make it hard to deal with insurance companies. You can make your own report to write down what happened. This is not the same as a police report, but it can help you remember the details.

You should also try to get a video of the other driver admitting fault and explaining the accident. If they won’t do it, call the police and wait for them to make a report.

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